Margaret Asatrian Artworks

Margaret Asatrian uses her brushstrokes to communicate the emotions of life’s journey. These emotions are shared as everyone has experienced loss, joy, anger, heartache, and love. Using composition to arrange feelings into relatable art is her purpose; each piece creates connectivity, and it’s the power of creativity that brings the world together. Given the significant upheaval and tumultuous realities since 2020, Margaret used her emotions and the realities around her to create these extraordinary pieces.

Among her many accomplishments Margaret was elected to be a featured artist of the 2021 London Biennale! As a result the piece is on display at the Detroit museum. It is an incredible achievement that will undoubtedly be a spotlight on her artistic career.

In partnership with Margaret, Strobia Foundation is delighted to feature twelve exclusive pieces at special prices specifically for the Sights, Sounds and Stories fundraising event. These one-of-a-kind original pieces can be purchased at the event on April 30.

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Tsovo Massena

  Tsovo Massena, MBA, is a distinguished former marketing executive with over 7 years in the industry and a proven track record working with Fortune 500 companies. Currently, she serves as a Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisor at Oxbridge International, backed by an impressive educational portfolio that includes a BA and an MS in Economics, an MBA, and an MS in Marketing.

  In her advisory capacity, Massena applies her broad background to offer strategic guidance across the entire real estate investment spectrum. She adopts a client-centered approach, tailoring strategies to meet individual investment goals. Her skill and advisory covers transaction coordination, valuation analysis, market trend evaluation, scenario-based risk assessment, and working and assisting questions/negations with city and county officials for skillfully navigating the complexities of the market and leading specialized teams tailored to each investment scenario.

  The core of Massena’s work is her unwavering commitment to providing unbiased advice, reflecting a deep-seated dedication to her client’s best interests. While her skills and dedication play a crucial role in facilitating successful investments, it is her genuine care for her client’s needs and her commitment to ethical practices that truly define her professional ethos.

  Beyond her career, Tsovo Massena is devoted to philanthropy, embodying her belief in giving back to the community. This commitment is integral to her life, guiding her efforts to foster a legacy of service and positive change, a value she is passionate about passing on to her son.