World Citizen, Journeys of a Humanitatarian by Jane Olson

These stories are about light and hope in the midst of unimaginable human suffering in war zones and places of extreme poverty around the world. Important lessons from a childhood in rural western Iowa are woven throughout, as are examples of human strength and resiliency. Each chapter can be read as a complete experience. Intimate details recorded by the author in journals and on film take the reader on memorable journeys with international human rights and humanitarian organizations. Despite being plunged into war zones, crowded refugee camps, and some of the poorest and most disease-affected places on the planet, we learn the life-saving impact of humanitarian intervention, the healing power of community, the importance of justice, and the truth that one caring person can indeed make a difference. To be a World Citizen is to embrace and champion the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, knowing that all lives are valuable and equally deserving of protection and support

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